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About us

We are a recruiting agency specialized in sourcing foreign physicians for permanent and temporary positions at German hospitals. Our team consists of recruiters, medical professionals and lawyers, which enables us to offer our physicians a tailored solution that corresponds to both their personal and professional preferences.

Scope of services: As your recruiting partner, your priorities become our priorities. Our diverse healthcare network, both within the public and private sector, enables us to offer a flexible end-to-end service. The scope of our service begins with your relocation to Germany and continues through your development as a medical professional.

Our candidates: At Galenos, we recruit physicians across all areas of medicine. Specifically, we facilitate career opportunities for assistant physicians (Assistenzärzte m/w/d), specialist physicians (Fachärzte m/w/d), deputy physicians (Oberärzte m/w/d), and chief physicians (Chefärzte m/w/d).

Relocating to Germany as a doctor: Continuing your medical career as a practicing doctor in Germany is by all means possible!

Step 1

Medical Diploma

  • If you have completed your medical studies anywhere in the world, you have completed the first requirement for practicing medicine in Germany!
  • This achievement can qualify you to practice medicine in Germany at the assistant physician level (Assistenzarzt m/w/d).
  • Have you completed your specialization in a country outside of Germany?
  • This can be recognized in Germany and qualify you to practice medicine as a specialized physician (Facharzt m/w/d).

Step 2

Language Certificate

  • Speaking German is the second requirement for qualifying to practice medicine in Germany.
  • In accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, a level of B2 German language proficiency is required.
  • The sooner you start preparing for this exam, the faster you can relocate as a physician to Germany!
  • As long as there is a certified language school in your current country of residence, you may also take the B2 exam outside of Germany at your convenience.

Step 3


  • After graduating from medical school, and passing the B2 language exam, we can support you with the rest of your application process!
  • As your recruiting partner and informational resource, we will support you as much as possible to complete the remaining steps in your transition to Germany:
    • Finding a place of employment at a German hospital
    • Acquiring German medical license (Approbation)
    • Receiving German work permit and visa

Now is a great time to relocate to Germany

The German labor market for physicians: The aging populations of German patients and medical professionals, combined with an insufficient amount of newly graduated German medical students, has resulted in a high demand for foreign medical professionals. The number of foreign physicians has doubled within the last seven years and currently constitutes approximately 12% of the total physician workforce in Germany.

The number of foreign physicians in Germany’s healthcare system has increased consistently over the past 24 years. Employment opportunities for physicians, particularly at German hospitals and clinics, compared to private practices, has likewise continued to trend positively over the past 10 years.

With the average vacant physician job remaining open 130 days, your chances of securing a position at a German hospital are in your favor!

Work-life-balance: The expectations of Germany’s younger physicians have started to positively impact their work environment. As these younger professionals place more importance on non-monetary criteria, such as location, amount of work-hours and time of work, German hospitals have accordingly begun to consider these desires as they hire their personnel.

As Germany’s population continues to age and a younger workforce takes over the labor market, the work-life-balance trend is here to stay.

What you can expect to earn as a physician: Physicians are among the highest paid positions for all professions within Germany.

As an assistant physician your pay is likely to start at 55.000 Euro per year and may continue upwards to more than 200.000 Euro per year as a chief physician (Chefarzt).

Tell us what you need, and we will gladly assist you!

Our Team is always there for you

Tanja Liebold

Recruitment Consultant und Account Manager

+49 40 87969100-0

Lena Warszawski

Talent Acquisition Consultant

+49 40 87969100-7